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Single page applications (SPA) development

A single-page application (SPA, or single page application) is a website or application that is hosted on a single web page. For SPA is characterized by a more flexible and convenient user interface, similar to the interface of the desktop application. In addition a single-page application has better performance. SPA provides a more natural and controlled experience of interaction and user experience, hiding complex transitions, requests, responses, etc. SPA requests and displays only the content that is necessary for the user at the current time, downloading the data in parts.

Single-page application advantages:

-More fast and excellent user experience with interaction
-Reduction of page load time
-Creating any part of the user interface without requesting to the server
-Dynamic loading of a page or part of a page
-More simple interaction for the end user

We use the following technologies for SPA development:

Angular, ReactJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS

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